The Dangers of Feeding Raw

The Dangers of Feeding Raw

Feeding Raw has become increasingly popular and polarizing among dog owners. Although raw feeding enthusiasts may claim it’s a healthier, more natural diet for dogs, it seems the science just isn’t there.

Want the Alpha? Then You’ll Need the Omega

Want the Alpha? Then You’ll Need the Omega

Fats are a natural and healthy part of balanced diet for both humans and pets. They boost olfactory enhancement and improve coat quality and mental health . But especially important to that diet is fatty acids.

Inukshuk: The Product.

Inukshuk Professional Dog Food offers 3 unique formulas:



What Do Those Numbers Mean?

The two numbers represent the protein-to-fat ratio of the food. For example, Inukshuk 32/32 would make up a ratio of 32% protein and 32% fat. Each step up is higher in protein and in fat level. The formulas correspond to the increasing needs of dogs as they work harder.

If the dog is in cold water hunting, then high energy 32/32 is best used. Then, when back home recuperating, it is best to move to a lower energy level food like 26/16.

This common ingredient base allows the dog to move up or down within the Inukshuk Power Band without any digestive upset. Keep in mind, some dogs may have a very high energy requirement, while others may not.

Why Does Protein Matter?

Protein has several roles in a dog's body. It provides the energy needed in repairing and buildings muscle tissues, growing new skin cellshair, nails, it creates the hormones and enzymes needed to function normally and it keeps their immune system strong.

Two of the best sources of protein are chicken and fish, which are both key components of Inukshuk Dog Food.

Why Does Fat Matter?

Unlike humans, dogs burn fat before any other nutrient, therefore, it is very important that high energy dogs use food that can meet their needs

Fats are a dense source of energy that is necessary to keeping your pet active and healthy. They help maintain a shiny coat and can prevent skin disorders. They also are vitally important to your dog's ability to smell!

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of fat, read our blog post: Fats: How They Keep Your Dog Healthy, Happy and Sniffing






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Fats: How They Keep Your Dog Healthy, Happy and Sniffing

Fats: How They Keep Your Dog Healthy, Happy and Sniffing

Inukshuk Professional Dog Food contains a blend of three different fats: herring oil, chicken fat and canola oil. Although these are all equal in digestibility and energy level, the blend allows each individual dog to meet its particular health requirement.

Quick Read: The Unique Ingredient that Few Take Advantage of!

Being on the Atlantic Coast, we have the unique opportunity to use quality ingredients that other manufacturers simply do not.

One of those ingredients is Ascophyllum nodosum or kelp meal - a key element blended in Inukshuk Professional Dog Food.

The kelp we use is harvested from the  Nova Scotia  sea; all local and all natural.

The kelp we use is harvested from the Nova Scotia sea; all local and all natural.

Why kelp?

Animals require a small amount micronutrients in their diet but this can only be provided by seaplants. So, it is typically substituted  with either synthetic or chemically derived ingredients. Corey Nutrition and Inukshuk Dog Food, however, use kelp meal in all pet foods.

The circulation of seawater is what provides the seaweeds with a consistent source of minerals and essential nutrients creating a much more nutritional compound compared to regular soil-grown crops.

What are the benefits?

Ascophyllum nodosum is highly regarded for its naturally occurring vitamins and trace elements. Recent peer reviewed journals reported that some of the significant benefits from the compound include increased heart health, immune health, osteoporotic health and metabolic health. 

Kelp meal is also recognized as a food supplement that is rich in natural salts minerals and vitamins essential for normal body functions. They help contract muscles, provide skeletal support. transmit signals within the nervous system, improve food absorption, transport proteins and hormones and maintain water balance.

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