The Atlantic Herring

The Atlantic Herring is a small, silvery-blue cold water fish found on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. They are often found gathered together in large schools, sometimes billions of fish in size! [1] They are one of the most nutritious foods for both people and pets and are an important part of Inukshuk Professional Dog Food.



Herring is a quality source of protein, fat, Omega-3 and vitamin D. It boosts skin and coat quality, decreases inflammation and helps the immune system.

Herring in Inukshuk

Our herring go through a dry-rendering process in which we low-pressure cook the meat, removing most of the water and fat and leaving primarily protein and minerals This ensures the amino acids and nutrients remain completely intact. This process destroys any harmful bacteria and leaves us with fish meal - a key ingredient in all three Inukshuk formulations.

Fish meal provides a concentrated form of protein - the primary building block of fur, skin, nails, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Protein is essential for the basic functions of a healthy immune system.

The first ingredient listed on a bag of dry dog food has the highest inclusion by weight prior to cooking the kibble. When a meat is listed as a meal, it means that meat has been cooked before being listed on the ingredients, and therefore the nutrients are already concentrated. This way we maintain the highest levels of good quality protein, and your dog receives the majority of their protein from the right sources.

Oils and Omegas

Because fish meal does not have a high enough percentage of fat, we also add herring oil to our food. Fats like herring oil are highly digestible and provide twice as many calories to the diet as protein. They are also an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids - a dense source of energy that aid in vitamin absorption and transportation throughout the body. Omega-3 and Omega-6 have been shown to be beneficial for healthy skin, joints, coat and even mental condition.

Where do we get it?

We source our ingredients locally whenever possible. Being on the Atlantic coast of Canada, we have tremendous opportunities to use high quality, fresh and local ingredients right from our backyard.

Our herring is no different - it’s sourced from Caraquet and Blacks Harbour (two coastal New Brunswick communities) - located about 300km (186 miles) and 150km (93 miles) from our plant, respectively.

Additional Source:

  • Emily Corey (PhD. Candidate), VP of Pet Foods at Corey Nutrition Company