Why Do We Use Kelp Meal?

Ascophyllum nodosum or kelp meal is a key ingredient blended in Inukshuk Professional Dog Food.

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The kelp we use is harvested from the Nova Scotia sea; all local and all natural. 

Why kelp?

Animals require a small amount micronutrients in their diet but this can only be provided by seaplants. So, it is typically substituted  with either synthetic or chemically derived ingredients. Corey Nutrition and Inukshuk Dog Food, however, use kelp meal in all pet foods.

The circulation of seawater is what provides the seaweeds with a consistent source of minerals and essential nutrients creating a much more nutritional compound compared to regular soil-grown crops.

What are the benefits?

Ascophyllum nodosum is highly regarded for its naturally occurring vitamins and trace elements. Recent peer reviewed journals reported that some of the significant benefits from the compound include increased heart health, immune health, osteoporotic health and metabolic health. 


This unique nutrient content in kelp meal is what makes this ingredient a special element in Inukshuk Professional Dog Food.


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