At Inukshuk Professional Dog food, we designed our food to meet the unique feeding requirements of professional working dogs. The Inukshuk community is passionate about their dogs and what they choose to feed them. If you have something you'd like to say about Inukshuk Professional Dog Food, get in touch - we will gladly feature you.

Superior genetics, proven technique, hard work and premium nutrition. A time honored formula for success.
— Wayne Samanovich
After switching to Inukshuk I noticed a huge difference in the Performance and health of my dogs. 30/25 and 26/16 are my new lucky numbers.
— James Akers
I like the ease of doing business. I just make a phone call to order a pallet and in a couple of days it’s here.
— David Ischweiler
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I love that Inukshuk is Canadian made, family owned and nutrient-dense formulas mean you feed less. My team loves Inukshuk.
— Kim Stanley
Have been feeding for over 6 years to many different breeds from the toughest work dogs and atheletes to the lap warmers. Inukshuk figured it out and are on top of the nutritional game without the gimmicks.
— Jon Bunderson
The dog likes it, cleaning up after him is not a mess. His coat is good. He is maintaining a good weight, we have a fence yard so he does get his running in every day.
— Jim Zwicker
TREESOLID thrive on 26/16 for most of the year. Low waste, excellent coats, and keeps dog conditioned even in hard running. Customer service is beyond any I have seen.
— Kelly Irwin
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