Furry Feature Friday - October 26

It’s Furry Feature Friday!

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos!

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Erin’s cute pup!


Ryan-Sarah’s dog taking a break!


Molly’s dog, Rally, who’s hopped up on Inukshuk, ready to start her run to Nome!

Furry Feature Friday - August 17

It's Furry Feature Friday!

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Today's Furry Feature is of tsome of the adorable Siberian Huskies from Team Tsuga Siberians!


Thanks for the tsupport, guys!

Working Dog Spotlight: Sled Dogs

Working Dog Spotlight: Sled Dogs

Dog sledding or "mushing" is the act of dogs pulling a sled. It was once the main mode of transportation by the people who lived in the Arctic region. Today, it is primarily a recreational sport.