Check out some of our Inukshuk Powered Pups!

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Sarah: "Just wanted to say thanks for everything. Eddie (pictured), Asil & Pippy (who would have lost their minds at this pile) also think your team rank pretty high on their list of favs."



Michele: "Our family of midnight run racing team has been feeding inukshuk for the past few years. We are super happy with how our dogs look and perform on this quality food."


Francis: "Only 9 months old, verry muscular dogs, they love Inukshuk"


Kelly: "Starting his life powered by inukshuk 26/16."


Kelly: "Ash, a coming 3 year old plot female. An overall excellent dog in the woods and on the bench. She comes from long lines of southern bred plots, bred for big game. She would make her ancestors proud on her ability as a bear hound and is a true model of the breed.

She along with the rest of TREESOLID thrive on 26/16 for most of the year. Low waste, excellent coats, and keeps dog conditioned even in hard running. Customer service is beyond any I have seen."